At Prudent Growth Partners, we believe that building a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate is the best way to generate a consistent and growing income stream while also creating long-term wealth.


We also believe that real estate is wonderfully inefficient for any number of reasons:  the deals are too small, or the deals are too big, or financing is too difficult, or the location is not quite right, or the property needs work.  


We pursue properties that tend to be too big for smaller investors to pursue on their own, but also too small for larger institutions.  This frequently means properties priced in the $3,000,000 to $10,000,000 range, and typically consists of multi-family apartment complexes and, neighborhood retail centers and small office buildings.


We look for good value, strong cash flow, a well-managed property in a stable - or growing - demographic area.  We see dozens of deals each month, but only anticipate acquiring 3 to 5 properties in any given year.


“Prudence is concerned with the quest of truth, and fills us with the desire of fuller knowledge.”  St. Ambrose

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