Is Curbside Pickup a Long-Term Strategy or Short-Term Fix?

Nice post from National Real Estate Investor magazine on curbside pickup.

We really think that curbside may stay for quite a while. Many restaurant owners and other curbside oriented tenants are telling us that they are quickly reverting nearly back to normal by operating in this fashion.

From the article:

“It has been a game changer and it will stay at higher levels,” notes Deb Carlson, a director in the Twin Cities office of real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield. “Not as high as it is now, but certainly higher than it has ever been, because it just works so well. It’s just another way—even when the world is reopened again—to shop.”

For example, curbside pickup has “kept the grocery stores rockin’ and rollin’ these last two months,” Carlson says.

She speaks to grocers around the Twin Cities, for example, who have shared that their curbside pickup has increased from single digits to 40 to 50 percent during the pandemic. “I think it has become so easy and so nice to have, that consumers are going to keep up with it,” she says, adding it won’t just be grocers but other retailers as well.

Full article here:

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