Greensboro apartment rental rates rising

Great article in the local press on the strength - and opportunity - in the Greensboro multi family market. Rents are rising nearly 5% year-on-year, but still lag Raleigh and Charlotte.

Just looking at the demographic growth projections in the Triad makes us think that there are some excellent value plays in Greensboro and the surrounding areas. Definitely a "safer" bet than Raleigh is right now...

From the article:

GREENSBORO — The cost of renting an apartment here is growing nearly as quickly as it is in cities such as Raleigh and Durham.

Although Greensboro placed fifth in the state for price growth in February compared with February 2015, Greensboro’s 4.9 percent rent growth was in a virtual dead heat with Raleigh at 5 percent and Durham at 5.2 percent, according to a new report by

But the cost of renting an apartment in Greensboro, despite the increase, remains far lower than renting an apartment in those other cities.

Full Article Here:

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