Are You an Internet Resistant Retailer?

Retail isn’t going anywhere anytime soon - especially if you are in "internet resistant" retailer. This is a great article that highlights some of the driving growth trends in retail, noting that internet resistant tenants are only going to continue to increase in size. Simply put, there is no retail apocalypse on the rise, if anything, now is a great time to be in the space. PGP loves these kinds of assets - great locations, great service-based tenants, great lifestyle experiences for customers. From the article: She tells us that she doesn’t see those users going anywhere “especially when you see boutique fitness (pilates, yoga, spin, etc) and the Planet Fitness and Anytime Fitness’ of the

The Evolving State of the Retail Sector

It’s an exciting time to be in retail! Great article that talks about the demise of anchored retail strips as well as the resurgence of retail by focusing on experience and location. Millennials love retail strips that provide multiple services in one concentrated spot. These "neighborhood strips" are precisely the kind of asset that Prudent Growth loves to acquire and own. From the article: Big box closures grab headlines and generally serve as the public’s barometer for the health of retailing. However, the closures reported by large, established stores such as Sears are not nearly as consequential in context of the broader retail market. Without a doubt, the introduction of large blocks o

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