Commercial Lending Levels and Where We Are in the Cycle

Came across this the other day from The Market Commentary blog on Very interesting perspective on lending levels in the CRE world - both retail and multifamily. After all of the talk I have seen on "bubbles" and "excessive leverage" out there, this was somewhat surprising. Two of the warning signs of a late-cycle real estate market are if rapid growth of mortgage debt leads to high leverage and precarious financial positions of investors in commercial real estate, and if debt-financed transactions fuel unsustainable property price increases. Recent data on commercial mortgage lending from the Fed’s Financial Accounts of the United States show an increase of $168 billion (at an an

Retail Shouldn't Ditch the Store Because Millennials Love It

OK, like everyone else I sort of assumed that Millennials have completely abandoned brick-and-mortar and only shop via Amazon while buying a latte at Starbucks via an app. After all, we are in a cashless society, dominated by web retailers and tech-savvy consumers, right? Who needs a store anymore? Fascinating story from CNBC. Millennials are actually hitting the stores looking for bargains and comparison shopping while out-and-about. Millennials could be playing a bigger role in keeping physical retail alive than one might think. And though it may seem counterintuitive, baby boomers are more and more loving looking for deals online. Seventy-one percent of millennials are visiting multipl

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