Interest Rates and Cap Rates

Great piece from "Globe St." on the relationship between Cap Rates and Interest Rates. This analysis echoes many others that we have seen in the past year or so: namely, that there is a lot of room for interest rates (particularly in the front end) to move up without any noticeable impact on commercial real estate cap rates. From the article: Historical data show that cap rates and 10-year Treasury yields don’t necessarily move in lockstep. More importantly, the report says, the data show that changes in Treasury yields don’t necessarily result in changes in cap rates. “Even assuming lags between interest rate and cap rate changes, analysis found no statistically significant relationship b

Nice Mention of us in the Triangle Business Journal

I saw this - somewhat unexpected because they did not call for any comments or background. Still, nice mention in the local Business Journal for us: Maybe future stories will be a bit more accurate!

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